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In 2022, we were asked to launch a vodka brand. We started with a name. Sextro is named after Lorine Sextro, the grandmother of the owner of the distillery. Lorine was a bootlegger in Iowa during prohibition. That’s when we realized that Sextro is unlike any other vodka. Because You don't drink Sextro. You Have Sextro.  We launched Sextro in Charlotte, Iowa and Vegas with billboards, paid social and an on-premise program designed to get people to Have Sextro in bars and restaurants.

Who knew that people would love to Have Sextro? 

Maybe Lorine did.

Creative Director - David Oakley

Art Director -  Doug Pedersen, William Alan Harris

Copy Writer - Mary Gross

DP | Editor - William Alan Harris


Social Media - William Alan Harris, Mckenzie Jacobs


As part of the larger Sextro vodka brand launch, we devised an engaging and humorous interview campaign that featured a diverse range of individuals, both young and old, from various backgrounds. The goal was to showcase the unique concept of "Having Sextro" rather than simply drinking it. The interviews aimed to capture the genuine reactions and laughter of the participants. 



Through the Sextro campaign, the social media content conveyed the vodka's distinctive brand identity, paying homage to the legacy of Lorine Sextro while infusing a fresh and humorous twist. The campaign started with copy focused designs to introduce Sextro then grew to showcasing the varied target audience from Grandmas to college kids. The feed captured the essence of Sextro's unconventional approach to vodka consumption, generating buzz and curiosity among local drinkers.

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